Uniformed Officers: Your Best Defense

RIBI Security's professional guard services are the core of our organization. We carefully select, screen and prepare professional RIBI staff to provide the specialized security services you need.

The capabilities of our uniformed security forces include:
  • Reception/Visitor Control - Manage visitor activity from initial reception point. Sign-in, issue badges, contact appropriate personnel for assistance.
  • Access Control - Secure and control doors, departments, alarms, card key systems, gates and sensitive areas.
  • Monitoring - CCTV, alarms, equipment, displays.
  • Security Patrol - Interior and exterior patrolling to ensure secure status and observe and report unusual conditions.
  • Security Escort - Employees and visitors into restricted or high-risk areas.
  • Traffic Control - Screen, search, verify and control pedestrian and/or vehicle traffic with polite and courteous conduct.
Crisp, clean uniforms provide high-impact visibility and express a serious commitment to security.

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