Quality Control: Technology and Supervision

At RIBI, we employ the latest technology and traditional forms of close supervision to ensure the quality of our guard services.

Using state-of-the-art computer systems, we manage the enormous amounts of information needed to support our 24-hour operation that never rests. The latest wireless technology keeps us in touch at all times with officers in the field. Our services are enhanced with modern business tools like:

  • Wireless laptops
  • Blackberry smart phones
  • Nextel communications
  • Computerized tour systems
  • Digital imaging
  • GPS tracking
  • Integrated scheduling and billing systems
A staff of roving field managers ensures the quality and performance of assigned security officers 24 hours a day. We monitor for proper training and compliance through periodic, unannounced site inspections and evaluations.

Site QC checks include:
  • Proper uniform
  • Up-to-date paperwork
  • Site condition
  • Problems or issues
  • Officer bearing
  • Compliance

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