Making your guests feel comfortable and satisfied is part of our hotel security service mission. Our officers are part of your hospitality team. Discreetly and professionally, we make sure your hotel is safe while guests relax and enjoy the amenities. We know how important customer service is to your organization, so we'll do everything we can to help you meet your corporate objectives.

Customer Satisfaction - In Their Own Words
Added Value

"Customer service is at the heart of our business and maintaining a safe and peaceful environment is a big part of our guest's experience. The guests in our hotel are further comforted knowing that RIBI security officers are on site. With RIBI on the job, we can control noisy guests, prevent crime and vandalism, and extend even more value to our customers. Their officers also add value to the hotel by providing guest service through room deliveries and solving guest comfort issues."

- General Manager, Full-Service Hotel

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