Now that energy facilities are considered high-risk targets, it is more important than ever to have ample protections in place. Our energy security services watch over your facilities, tanks, turbines, generators, pipes and transmission systems to help keep them operating without interruption from a security breach.
  • Gate access control
  • CCTV and alarm monitoring
  • Perimeter and facility patrols
  • Incoming vehicle inspections
  • Safety hazard and spill checks
  • ID screening

Customer Satisfaction - In Their Own Words
Quality Control

"RIBI Security has provided critical security support to my facility. They took the time to understand my requirements and provided security support to match my needs. They also provided valuable quality control coverage to ensure there were no gaps in their coverage. The RIBI leadership team personally participated in and added value to the facilities drills and exercises, and were active in regional security meetings. I am very happy with my decision to have RIBI Security augment my team."

- Executive, Fortune 500 Energy Company

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